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Here at the Boutique, the RECONNECTION of mind, body, & soul is the essence of what I do.

The Boutique is a online service with possibilities for in-person bodywork, & retreats.

My goal is to give you access to tools for reclaiming health & creating the life you want, anywhere you are. 


Healing & abundance occur when the WHOLE system is reconnected - a mind + a body + a soul.

Reconnection alchemy = a powerful & effective melding of science + spirituality + embodiment.


Through developing an understanding that everything is energy, including you, you will experience healing & expansion in all areas of your life, as well as a broader perspective of your interconnectedness, to others & the environment. 

Reconnecting puts you back in the drivers seat of your life, unfolds untapped potential & generates pathways to a healthy, well, abundant, passion & purpose filled life.

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Leigh Townsend 

A world travelling Masseuse, Osteopath (B.Sci; MOst (Hons)), Naam Yoga teacher, Energy Codes Coach & student of the human condition.


This is my virtual home and I’m so happy to welcome you here. My life experiences, extensive studies & 1000’s of hours hands on with clients from around the world, informs the  personalised care I bring to you in any of the services you choose.

Additionally it gives me great pleasure to know that as you choose to heal yourself, you support organisations doing important work for humanity & Mother Earth. 


My Vision

My vision is for humanity to reconnect to its essential self, to have more space for others & to take decisive action for our home - Mother Earth.

The global impact of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic highlighted unprecedented levels of stress, fear, & disconnection but also showed what slowing down & refocusing could do for our capacity to care.

The solution begins with us. Who are we, how do we connect & how do we serve?

The human condition is my passion & I am here to serve your reconnection.  

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Louise Broughton, Professional Sailor

I met Leigh in Antigua, after 12 years of chronic pain, a session with her dramatically reduced my pain levels. After a number of sessions I was experiencing longer periods of pain free time, less medication & more LIFE!


Jess Raysbrook,
Professional Sailor

I don’t like being touched or worked on therapeutically but a treatment from Leigh was a game changer for how I physically, emotionally and mentally felt about myself. I love seeing her!

Gerald Sanford,

I came to Leigh with a shoulder injury & got much more than I expected. My complete wellbeing was nurtured & the connection of mind + body she brings to her sessions was fascinating & more importantly, effective.

Upcoming Events

  • Naam Yoga
    Naam Yoga
    Online Class
    Jun 24, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT
    Online Class
    Complete science of integration of Mind + Body + Soul using 4 key elements 1) Breath (Pranayama) 2) Movement (Asana) 3) Mudras 4) Mantra Self healing, calmness, concentrated energy & focus, mental clarity, intuitive connection.
  • Reconnection - A Introduction to the Energy Codes
    Reconnection - A Introduction to the Energy Codes
    Zoom Webinar
    Jun 30, 7:00 PM EDT
    Zoom Webinar
    Learn how everything is energy, how the world around you is a reflection of your personal energy & how you can influence it by reconnecting your mind to your wholeness.
  • Reconnection - A RETREAT into ENERGY
    Reconnection - A RETREAT into ENERGY
    Buckletons Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
    Aug 19, 4:00 PM GMT+12 – Aug 22, 2:00 PM GMT+12
    Buckletons Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
    A 3 day experiential immersion into the human energy field Discover the latest science, sense your personal energy field, learn how to get under the story of the mind & integrate it with the body to be in wholeness & a state of constant flow, self healing, abundance, creativity & so much more.


of EVERY service booked through Boutique Bodywork supports organisations doing great work serving humanity