The Energy Codes

The 7 Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life. Dr Sue Morter

The Energy Codes book is step-by-step information regarding your energy and how to use it to change your health and your life.

Dr. Sue communicates in an easy-to-understand language the science, research, and how to facilitate your own transformations with several valuable self-help tools.

Dr Sue has helped me transform my life which is why I’m so passionate about sharing the experience with you.


Accessing The Energy Codes 

As soon as you read the book you will have access to proven effective tools for self transformation with the easy to read guides on each chapter.

For those wanting to have a more interactive and guided journey into the practises, to go deeper or to understand the application of the principles in a bigger perspective, I offer personalised powerful coaching, workshops & retreats. As a certified Energy Codes Coach & Facilitator it is my greatest joy to share this work with you.


Coaching is a powerful personalised tool for working with the biggest challenges facing you and the way you interact with life, real time with effective immediate strategies to bring you into your embodied, empowered seat of knowing & creativity utilising the tools contained with The Energy Codes.

The sessions are available as a foundation course of 6 or as individual sessions.


The foundation course is an immersion into The Energy Codes & its practical application into your life. These principles & practices are beneficial for everyone, in any circumstance and do not require previous experience of meditation or breathwork.


If you want better outcomes at work, in relationships, resolving unresolved trauma, sleeping better, health, wellbeing, presence, desire, connection, communication, spirituality, or any challenging circumstance(s) affecting your ability to live the life you desire, this course is your starting point.

This course is designed for anyone new to The Energy Codes but can also be purchased and used for anyone wanting to go deeper or be supported no matter what level of experience they have. The frequency of sessions is at your discretion but must be completed within 6months of purchase.


It is recommended (but not essential to start) to get & read the book as it is a reference for the practices covered in the sessions.  


The individual sessions are suitable for those with an understanding and base in the principles & practices. They can be used whenever life is presenting moments of friction or as a support to a personal practice.